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Acupuncture is a physical modality that can effectively assist with acute or chronic conditions with a holistic approach to your individual health. The application of sterile single use needles can provide instant drug-free pain relief. Acupuncture in most instances, does not hurt, but may elicit a heavy feeling and tingle depending on points utilised. Needle comfort is always ensured before treating, with an explanation of exactly what the treatment is for and where the needles will be placed.


An acupuncture treatment can include:

  • Cupping
  • Gua sha (spooning)
  • Moxibustion
  • Plum blossom needling
  • Infrared heat application
  • Electro-stimulation Acupuncture


The desired method is chosen to best achieve optimum results. Generally treatments will incorporate some of these methods together. Styles of acupuncture utilised include those of the Balance Method, Dr.ZHu Scalp, Tung, Distal and Auriculotherapy (Ear) Acupuncture.

Loose fitting clothing is ideal, however if needed some items of clothing may be required to be removed.  Appropriate draping is carried out at all times.

Yin and Yang are not absolute, but their principle never changes. The law that governs does not falter, although everything around changes according to it's point of reference ~ Qi Bo