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Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine has been evolving for thousands of years. The result of its effectiveness is achieved through pattern differentiation of symptoms, pulse diagnosis, tongue inspection.  From this diagnosis, the symptomatic pattern is prescribed a unique formulation of herbs. Incorporating the functions required to address the organs that are not functioning up to par. Only can optimal effects of herbal medicine be applied if there is a clear understanding of the disorder being addressed.


Prescribed herbal formulations can come in several formats. Varying on the condition you may be required to do some preparation of your own.  Options are Powdered Raw Herbs, Granulated Herbs, pills, capsules, tinctures and plasters (for injuries and pain).


Herbal Medicine can be effective for many conditions. Some can include digestion issues, gynaecological disorders, menstrual irregularities, stress management, dietary support, musculoskeletal pain, skin disorders, colds and influenza infections, respiratory difficulties, sleeping disturbances and fatigue syndromes.


Chinese Herbal Medicine offers many approaches to the treatment of any one illness. ~ Chen & Chen