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Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage Treatments are focussed on restoring functionality and health to muscular tissue and joint function, whilst incorporating benefits of increased blood flow, lymphatic drainage, tension release, improved muscle tonicity and stretching of tendons and ligaments. Various techniques are incorporated to manipulate and stretch muscle and connective tissue providing relief of pain and joint function imbalance, bringing a deep sense of relaxation. It is in this state of deep relaxation that the body can reset and heal.


Initially there may be the need for specific treatment plan options to ascertain the full benefit of regular treatments. Particularly for injury rehabilitation, regular coinciding treatments offer the best results for return back to activity.


Other options may simply be to maintain stress and muscular tension, pertaining to postural imbalances and everyday muscular use occurrences. Not everyone is the same, so this is why we suggest the ideal strategy for your requirements.Providing these care plans enable you to gauge progress and hit those goals.

Get off the Fence and Stop Living with unnecessary muscular Tension and Pain
Remedial Massage